Your Sam’s $50 End of the Year reward 11614703

Posted on March 29, 2016


Last Chance: Your Sam’s Club End of the Year reward balance is $50.00.
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I love this place. It’s one of the few classy places in Willimantic. Beautiful interior, amazing menu. Try the shrimp grits and the soy latte! This place is a favorite. It never disappoints. Always has good service and friendly staff. I’ve never had to wait more than 20 minutes for a table in the… What a weird little place. In a good way. I waited until after a couple of visits to write a review, and I’m glad I did. For starters, I didn’t even realize… This is a great little place to take your UConn student for a special dinner, or for brunch whenever visiting on the weekend. Cozily set in a nicely… Loved the pizza and the service was awesome! My good friend and I met up for lunch last week, and we ordered a large pepperoni we heard it was legendary and… Freshest raw sashimi, generous portions, super lovely servers. So psyched they’re making beautiful, fresh food. It’s been really consistent which is hard to… Excellent food! The oxtail and jerk chicken are both very delicious and fresh. I also love the sauce together with the rice and beans! The owner is very… Everytime we go there, there’s more people waiting, even during unexpected hours (2:30 PM on a sunday). Our hostess was smart, offering a ‘not so popular’… This place was adorable and great for GF options. Being gluten free at breakfast can mean getting stuck with an omelet more often than not (they’re… Heard a lot about this place and was not disappointed at all..Went for lunch at 3 pm on a Saturday and the place was packed ..Excellent service ..EXCELLENT… The food was absolutely delicious! Chef Wesley did a fabulous job. Our food was so flavorful and pretty. The atmosphere is quaint and the is even a live… Great German Restaurant! My gf found this place while we were on vacation in Florida…..I ordered the schnitzel \”Berlin\” and my gf had the Sauerbraten. The… Great brunch spot in brandon. The egg bowls are fantastic and made fresh! The come served on fresh sliced potatoes that are seasoned wonderfully. ….Their… Hands down one of the best restaurants in the area. When you walk in the door the ambience and atmosphere makes you feel confident you will be getting a… From the moment you walk into this restaurant you are in awe. The atmosphere made you feel as if you were walking into Thailand. The hand-carved tables… Love their New York style pizza and cheese bread. They make it fresh and it isn’t just a bunch of grease. The servers are always nice as well. We love… Food was great! Not the best sushi I’ve had but it’s definitely great!….The service was amazing and the waitress/waiter/sushi chef were all extremely… I love the salad bar, ribs, and dessert bar. I basically love everything about this place down to the decor. If you can’t already tell, this is my favorite…ce853ab8184d58b86d0c6f1ee4bd4c65

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