J. Lopez avoided a facelift by using this..

Posted on March 11, 2016


Jennifer Lopez avoided a facelift by using this…



Stopped in on a trip to KY and was pleasantly surprised. Sat in the lounge for faster service. Waiter was nice and attentive and was also taking care of the… First, let me point out that in a larger metropolitan area, this place would get a lower rating and be easily outshined by a number of places within a 5… Highly recommend this restaurant!! ..The tilapia is simply amazing!! ..All the food is rich in flavor, the Alfredo sauce is great for dipping. ..Service was… We are traveling to Memphis and hungry for Mexican. The flavors here were very good. I had mango fiesta. All I can say is wow. So good. Clean,… The food was good. The cleanliness of the restaurant was barely tolerable. They obviously do just enough cleaning to take care of the major dirt, but… Really excellent sushi – I hesitate to say it – \”especially for Dyersburg\”. The sushi is very good for any small town. I currently recommend the Mexican… I was working in Dyersburg and I guess I saved my best dinner for my last night. I had every intention of getting the dinner buffet. As I walked in I saw… Great service to the point of being bothersome. The waitress checked up on me 5 times. Could be because there was very diners during dinner. Bbq was only… Very good BBQ. Had the brisket plate with potato salad and beans. I would say it was about medium priced. The place looked pretty new and was clean. The… The last time I ate at Ronnie’s I had to drive 279 miles and it was worth it to get the worlds best Philly Cheese Steak sandwich! I get mine with extra… Update! ….I went back and had a delicious guacamole burger with a side of Cesar salad. No unsanitary guy with a toothpick. A variety of sports was on. I… Bartender could express some interest in clientele. Great lunch. I had chili relleno, chicken enchilada and potato rolled taco. Renee had rolled potato tacos and a relleno…Waitress was friendly and knew… Hunter used to be the best steakhouse in Yuma, bust since its closure and renovation it’s touch for excellence has been slipping. Corn chowder used to be on… Rocky’s Pizzeria is awesome. Great people too. Rockys hooking it up as always. I Usually get pizza but everything from the sandwiches to the beer is good…. Our son and daughter-in-law took us to this restaurant a few years ago when we came to visit from California for a few days and it was amazing. Now it’s… So…….I was reading an article on Thrillist.com about the best burritos in the USA. Lo and behold, there was one from Yuma at a place called Chile… Great to be back in Yuma. I love Lin’s Grand Buffet…It is a really great place to eat. We got there at the time ..the doors open at 11:00. Very relaxing…ce853ab8184d58b86d0c6f1ee4bd4c65

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