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Posted on March 11, 2016


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Was vacationing in the area with a friend and we decided to stop in here on our last day, we were both glad we did. The food was excellent all around, as… I don’t think Lincoln, ME is known for its pizza, but if you’re in town, do yourself a favor and stop in!….The place is very unassuming, so I wasn’t… I went here for my birthday with a large group and we had a very enjoyable experience. They have a large menu of homestyle food and seafood, as well as a… Traveling for business and was told to stop at the OBC for some of the best beer around and while doing some research saw they had this restaurant right… A great place to hang out in this college town. They have nice specials every day of the week and a solid beer selection. It’s good for groups too so… This review is for the calzones and beer only. You have to be out of your mind to order any of the other gross food on the menu, but damn the calzones are… This is a Maine classic and the Orono location is as good as it gets. Pats Pizza is an awesome thin crust pizza served in a classic college dive location…. Most popular place in town. Although the competition is very little. Love the meatball pizza and Greek salad. When in doubt go here, you will be satisfied. Eating in a small college town is risky. The clientele has no money (and some would say little taste), the competition is little or nothing. And Maine is… I’ve been hearing about the burgers here for the last few years and now I kick myself for not making it here sooner. We started with Arianci Risotto Balls… Stayed here when we were road tripping around Yosemite and needed to stay a night in between there and Mono Lake. I was disappointed because we weren’t… Always check that Blue Moon is open before you visit. We have driven here on a Sunday morning to find it closed. In fact, we’ve driven here numerous days… All I can say is order the Pasta Carbonara as it is exquisite! I love this place, never had a bad meal or a bad experience here. Family style REAL Italian… Good food, don’t let the outside fool you!..Yuuuuummmmmmmmm!….Take out is very convenient! On our way home, from a refreshing day of secret sugar stashes at Kwood, our ravenous appetite had directed us to Pine Grove Pizza, in Pine Grove…..Fifteen… As a local this is one of the most top notch restaurants to visit in the area. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing and the food is beyond amazing. We are… Best in Pioneer ;-)….I know, I know it’s the only one in Pioneer, buts it’s good and Authentic. I get the Eggplant and Veggie fried rice :-)..Very good and… A oasis in the woods…….Have known about Tim for years as a real gentle soul and great cook. A few years back, I had a late friend living at my place in…ce853ab8184d58b86d0c6f1ee4bd4c65

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