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Posted on March 11, 2016


Experience the Magic of an African Safari You deserve a vacation. Now is the time to take one!

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Going on safari in Kenya and Tanzania during the off-peak seasons is a good option that does not spell game viewing disappointment and miserable weather.
In fact, travelling in the low seasons – the long rains from March to June and the short rains from October to December – is an enticing option. As the Lonely Plant’s Best in Travel 2016: The Best Trends, Destinations, Journeys & Experiences, puts it:

“…venturing out on a safari in the rainy season offers more than shaving off money and crowds. The wet seasons (March to June and October to December) also have luminous sunsets and plenty of animals nurturing their young ??? excellent reasons to brave the rain (which, by the way, is patchy rather than perpetual downfall).”

The shoulder seasons which fall between the low and peak periods offer similar advantages to the low seasons. Falling at the start and end of the rains, the shoulder seasons are often the best time to go on safari in East Africa in terms of balancing cost, game viewing, visitor numbers and weather. The shoulder season between the long and short rains – from January to March, is actually considered by some safari veterans to be the best time to go game viewing in Kenya and Tanzania.

Zebras in March

5 Reasons to go on Safari in East Africa during the Shoulder & Low Seasons
1. Save Money
East Africa is not the cheapest of African regions to visit. As the traditional heartland of African wildlife safaris, the prices in East Africa are higher than in most Southern African countries. These higher costs can put budget conscious travellers off, but the good news is that prices drop during the off-peak times of the year, bringing these classical safari destinations within reach. One of the reasons prices fall is because mainstream travel advice is to avoid the rainy seasons and that winter game viewing is best. Also, most travellers tend to travel during the northern hemisphere summer and over Christmas and New Years.

You can save between 20 and 40% on safaris outside of the high and peak season.
It’s not just the safari packages that are cheaper in low season, the accommodation rates drop saving you money on pre and post tour accommodation. Activities are also offered at reduced prices, as are day trips. If you’re travelling independently in East Africa during low season you also have more leverage for bargaining and negotiating better deals too. Flights are also cheaper, due to lower demand! All-in-all it can make an otherwise too expensive African safari affordable.

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