Your Sam’s Club $50 End of the Year voucher

Posted on March 9, 2016


Re: Your Sam’s End of the Year customer appreciation voucher expires 03/09/2016.
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The best restaurant in Bartlesville…..I imagine their sub-5 star rating is the result of rumors their beef comes not from cows, but rather the souls of… I LoVe this place!!! It can be a little pricey if you are having drink after drink but usually just a few will do. 🙂 They are super tasty and the few… I have eaten here at least Three times a weeks for the last two months, and I can honestly say the food has been outstanding and only outshone by by the… One of my favorite places in Bartlesville for Breakfast and Lunch. Daily Lunch specials for under $7, my favorite is the Catfish on Fridays. Grill or… Y U M….Knowledgable, friendly and the food is great! Try the chocolate pecan pie it’s fabulous Best pizza in town. LOVE kielbasa on pizza. You really can’t go wrong with anything here. Sandwiches are great, pasta is great, service is friendly,… Very good food. Service was good. Would bring friends here to eat. Like the Christmas lights and nice big tree in lobby. I’ve never been inside this Wendy’s, and have only used the drive-thru, so I can’t speak to facilities inside. The food is standard Wendy’s, my only… Haven t ate at our local KFC in over a year. The last time we were there no food was on the buffet and when my wife asked when some would be put on it, the… Great place ! The staff are very attentive and friendly. Prices are reasonable. Food tasted great. There is a very large selection of things to get… Best Indian food In the area but not much to choose from. For $7 buffet you can’t beat it. The chicken curry and Tilka masala is good but spicy even if you… Meaty, fried, chicken wings. Huge, fluffy waffle. Peach butter. Syrup. ….I don’t think much needs to be said besides this. However, I will give an… The No.9 grill just continues to improve. We have visited this establishment once a week, on average, and it gets better and better. ..Lunch specials are not… First and foremost is the personalized service by the owners. My parents have been Stack’s regulars since the early days down the road at the first… Omg delicious. The double cheeseburger deluxe has a taste to it that is way different than any other burger I’ve had, it’s so good. The homemade onion rings… First time here and for my grandfather’s birthday. You get a discount on your birthday!! The atmosphere is lovely and soothing. You can smell the fireplace… Although I have only been here once, I believe this is by far the best restaurant this side of downtown Indianapolis. The chef is not only classically and… We stopped at this Denny’s and I must say it’s very clean well kept. The server heather was courteous and attentive. Brought our food and made sure we were… I have been going to Mings since they first opened and has seen many changes in the place all good changes! They do an amazing job with the food and the…ce853ab8184d58b86d0c6f1ee4bd4c65

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