Ending Soon: Costco $50 2016 voucher

Posted on March 9, 2016


Ending Soon: Your Costco $50 New reward
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Everything here was very fresh and delicious! It was just as Italian is supposed to be: good, simple ingredients blended beautifully. We had the shrimp… It has been a month since I dined here and my mouth waters every time I remember my amazing lunch!….The barely chili is hearty and the homemade onion bread… Nice spot on the beach. I Had a club sandwich and my girlfriend had a grilled cheese We both had and a beer( there was a great selection) .. ..Located on… We stopped here for a quick lunch. We had the raw tuna and the BLT sandwich. The tuna was very tasty. The sandwich was okay (the bacon was a little to… Second review of this place. Maybe the first time I was a little too harsh. Bottom line, this place is great. ….2 adults and a toddler. ….Peel and Eat… The lobster rolls are great but on the pricey side considering they don’t come with fries. The chilli cheese fries were great! We were driving by and… Alice’s Last Stop is my new favorite breakfast joint! They have homemade bread, bagels, biscuits, and muffins. They make almost everything from scratch,… Excellent! Been there a few times and plan on going a few more times. What a great restuarant, atmosphere and food. The menu has a variety of different… This is, hands down, my favorite towny eatery. I eat here at least once a week. Whether I am there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (only available a few… I was pleasantly surprised when I came back to this restaurant after their revamp, the pizza, fish, basically everything is tasty. Definitely worth a try if… Great food Great prices.at night it is busy so wait times can be around 1 hr on fried food…Try the Greek Salad and Chourico and chips. Been in a handful of times now and LOVE everything!!! Fish n chips, chowder, soups, stuffed quahogs, burgers, baked scrod….all excellent!! ….The wait… I go here when I am in the area. I love their pizza and crust. It melts in your mouth. The fries are also delicious. I had an Italian sandwich once and… Comfort food and a throwback to the 50’s. A great place to relax as this is definitely NOT a fast food spot. Friendly service, good drinks and a quaint… Only been here once, heck only been to Jefferson once, but I’m going to give it all 5 stars. I had the meatloaf sandwich with onions on homemade bread w/ a… Great food and a great supporter of our community. Wing night is great. The service is great and the prices are very reasonable This place knows how to do Mother’s Day Brunch–you guys. Bottomless mimosa and Bloody Mary bar?! Umm… yes, yes and more yes. ….First of all–this place… Pizza wasn’t terrible, but the service left something to be desired. Not sure if they were gearing down staff for the after summer lull, but the two servers… General Tsos was excellent! Lo mein noodles were very tender and flavorful. Staff was attentive and friendly. The place is clean, smells nice and is… You know the place is good. I would go back for seconds, maybe. This is good food for those that are looking to fill themselves up after a day of work or… We stopped here before an afternoon matinee in town. Nothing special about the decor, but a very clean and wide open dining room. The atmosphere is very… This place is a dive. Dirty. Veggies are really old and wilting. The people there are not happy and it really shows. It may be ok for dry goods but not… Really tiny place right off the interstate. I had a steak and eggs breakfast. The steak was very thin but it was also very cheap and had great flavor. If…ce853ab8184d58b86d0c6f1ee4bd4c65

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