VanityFair: Dr. Oz shows you how to keep your New Year’s weight-loss resolution

Posted on March 8, 2016


TIME: Dr. Oz’s easy New Year’s weight loss solution.



This was the first time we’ve visited Brazerios and everyone in our group was impressed. Mrs. M and I took our son and daughter-in-law for a special lunch… The buttermilk chicken with white gravy was great. Service was good, Tyler was quite attentive. Broccoli was not over cooked. They even brought My husband… This review is not on the entire menu only on what I ordered! So far the tacos de lengua are beyond amazing. The tortilla de ma\u00edz ( corn tortilla) is really… PF Chang was a bit underwhelming. Of course the interior is well designed and furnished. The wait staff is well trained and courteous. The menu is… We made our reservations via Open Table, and our table was ready for us when we arrived…..This a lovely place to have a nice dinner. The wine selection is… We enjoyed a nice lunch today and thought I’d leave a note for anyone looking for Italian cuisine. My folks each had a salad for starters, a della casa and… Pretty good burgers, not the best in town but definitely better than fast food. Hard to get one well done but not burnt. A juicy hamburger would be nice…. Every once in a while, when my wife is at work, and I have a craving for a good old-school waffle I head to the Waffle House. I know most foodies would… We ate here on a Sunday for their half price sushi menu. We were the second table seated at about 5:30 and our order came very fast. We only ordered rolls… I have always loved this place. Every time I think they can’t out do them selves they prove me wrong. I had the Cioppino (seafood stew) over linguine. Every… Driving back to the Philly Airport from Wilmington on business and pulled out Yelp to see who had good sandwiches on the way…..Up came Phil and Jim’s. For a… Breakfast food is my favorite food so the words \”breakfast all day\” make me very excited. ….Upland Diner is exactly what I needed after another long week or… I completely forgot how good this place is. From the staff to the owner and chef Mario they treat you like. I strongly recommend the muscles appetizer… We came to town for the Saints/Eagles game, spent Friday night at the casino and about 9:30 or so had dinner here. It was a nice place a lot like some of… This place is a neighborhood gem. It’s in a nondescript little stripmall, but the food is extraordinary. For openers there’s home-baked rolls served with a… Vegan food in this area of Delco is really hard to come by. When I read the menu, I was immediately excited to try Frankie’s! I had the Bahn Mi Panini… Great casual place with home-style food and friendly service. Our lunch was great (cheesesteak, meatloaf sandwich, and burger) were all great and served… Brings Variety to the array of restaurants in the area. Good Thai food, never thought I’d find a place like this around here. If you’ve never experienced…ce853ab8184d58b86d0c6f1ee4bd4c65

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